DHA Byelaws

  • This Regulation may be called “DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi Building Control Regulation 2000 (Revised 2016)” made by the Executive Board in exercise of the powers conferred by the Section 20 of The Gazette of Pakistan, Part-I, Act No XII of 2013.
  • It extends to all residential and commercial plots / buildings in the DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi (DHAI-R).
  • These Byelaws supersede all the previously published Byelaws.
  • They shall come into force with effect from January 2016.
  • The DHAI-R is empowered to change or make amendments in these regulations as and when required.


Construction Byelaws

Construct a House in DHA Islamabad

  • Go to Town planning Section in Transfer & Record Office with Photocopy of
    • Allotment Letter. CNIC
    • Collect 2xPossession forms and charges of site plan / Possession form
  • Submit above documents in Finance (Account) Section in Transfer & Record Office
    • Collect Charges of Site Plan / Possession form from Finance Section and Submit
    • Submit dues in Askari Bank
  • Submit following document to Town Planning Section in Transfer & Record Office
    • 2xPossession forms(enclosed)
    • Photocopies of Allotment letter. CNIC. Deposit Receipt/Bank Chalan
    • form & Dues Slip (Rs 5000 in case of Attorney)
  • Collect following document from TP&BC Department in DHA Main office
    • Site plan / Possession form
    • Prescribed Forms
    • Architect list, Soil test firm list, Structured engineers list
    • Drawing submission form (Valid for 3 months)
    • For Drawing Submission submit these documents to Town Planning Section in

Transfer & Record Office

    • 3xSet of submission drawings
    • 1-Set of Structure drawing duly stamped by registered Structural Engineer on
    • A-3 size
    • Structure stability certificate
    • Photocopies of Allotment Letter, Site Plan / Possession, CNIC
    • Make pay order of drawing dues
    • After submission pay order get copy NOC clearance from Finance Department
    • Softcopy of drawing (In CD)
    • Prescribed Forms
    • Bearing Capacity Report
    • For receiving Drawing go to TP Main office then Submit these documents for

Drawing completion

    • 3xSet of submission drawings
    • Prescribed Dues (Rs. 5000/-) and un-paid charges (if any)
    • Inspection Chart duly signed by concerned officer during construction
    • Soft copy of drawing (In CD)
    • Copy of site plan / possession
    • Photocopy of approved submission drawing