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  • Digital TV
  • High Speed Internet
  • Home security
  • Cable TV

Operational since 2007, DHAI Teleman, a subsidiary company of Defence Housing Authority Islamabad, has been providing broadband and cable TV to a large populace of the twin cities of Rawalpindi & Islamabad.
We currently operate under PEMRA category B7 & B6 licenses for Rwp & Isb respectively. In addition we are licensed to operate four (4) in-house channels on which we are providing quality programming to our viewers. Our in-house channels are being operated under the brand name DHAI Teleman TV.
Cable TV in-house channel is a major medium for advertisers and is especially effective for targeted campaigns. DHAI Teleman has been delivering campaigns for multi nationals on its in-house channels for the likes of Zong, Bahria, Ufone, Pepsi, LG,Borges Olive Oil, Telenor, Gourmet Cola, Dalda, Johnsons & Johnsons, Pizza Hut etc. Please see listing.
Our primary focus is on offering high quality services and developing long term strategic partnerships with renowned Corporations and Media Houses with keen focus on quality assurance. With our dedicated Media Management Team and around the clock Customer Care we guarantee complete customer satisfaction.
It is pertinent to mention that our network is not operating under any sort of partnership with other small cable networks as we are the largest cable network in the twin cities. We are emphasizing on this important fact as there are many small operators from Rwp & Isb who have been portraying DHAI Teleman as their partner company. Any advertisement given to such networks in the name of DHAI Teleman will not be run on our network and the customer will experience advertisement outage in the niche localities of Rawalpindi & Islamabad.
Defence Housing Authority Islamabad has established a broadband company by the name of DHAI Teleman for the provisioning of broadband communication services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. A state of the art network has been deployed in partnership with technology partners from Europe, USA & Australia having the distinction of being industry leaders in Broadband networks globally. Our FTTH network is capable of delivering unparallel services and a rich customer experience never witnessed before in Pakistan...More Details